About Ístex

Ístex stands for Íslenskur Textiliðnaður which translates into Icelandic Textile Industry. The company holds the only scouring and spinning factories in Iceland. Istex is a shareholding company in 80% ownership by over 2,000 farmers. Istex was established in 1991 to carry on the Icelandic wool industry that started in Mosfellsbær in 1896. Istex buys wool directly from Icelandic farmers. Moreover, scours and processes about 99% of all wool in Iceland. The company operates a scouring factory on the North coast in the town of Blönduós and a spinning mill in Mosfellsbæ near the Capital. We offer the famous Alafosslopi and other Lopi yarns for hand knitting such as Plötulopi, Bulkylopi, and Léttlopi around the world.  Our products are made out of high-quality Icelandic wool. Yearly Ístex publishes pattern book with Icelandic design to fulfill the demand of unique  and traditional and creative design.

More information about Istex and our Lopi products on Ístex

Animal welfare

The sheep welfare surveillance is extremely strict in Iceland. Not only regarding diseases but also handling. Moreover, during the summer months, the Icelandic sheep are free in their natural habitat. Shearing is an important part of animal welfare. Usually the shearing is done under a watchful eye of the farmer to ensure quality and that nothing will happen to their precious animal.

For further information about animal welfare is MAST the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority

The Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep is unique (only about 400-500,000 animals) and with a direct link to the first sheep that came with the Vikings. An average Icelandic Sheep farm is family owned with only 200-300 animals. Many farmers know their sheep by name. Iceland is clean – Icelandic sheep are hardly exposed to chemical treatments, antibiotics, and hormones, and are never put through mulesing.

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