Terms & conditions

Lopidesign.is is a website with knitting instructions where customers can buy individual patterns in digital format for download. Lopidesign.is reserves the right to cancel orders, f.x. because of incorrect pricing information or changed prices or discontinue patterns without notice.

All purchases are provided in digital format (with a download link) and are provided as soon as the pattern has been paid for.

Return policy
Patterns are non-refundable

Tax and charges
All products have tax included.

Seller will keep all information about buyer confidential provided by the buyer during transaction. Information about buyer will not be provided to a third party under any circumstances.

These terms of services are referred in the following law nr. 96/1992, provision law 50/2000, 48/2003. All delays mentioned here are according to law nt. 96/1992 and start when buyer receives the product.

Patents and brand
All brands and product names that appear in the instructions are owned by Ístex. You are unauthorized to copy, publish or use any such images without getting written authorization from the owner.

All instructions and patterns on Lopidesign.is are owned by Ístex or authors and are protected by copyright laws. Copying patterns and instructions is forbidden, such as images, printing, scanning or any similar way, partially or entirely, without a written permission from the owner.

Purchase policy
This policy applies to sales on products from lopidesign.is to a consumer. Policies are confirmed with purchasing a product. Consumer purchase such as these are shown in laws about contracting, laws about electronic transactions and electronic services, laws about personal privacy and handling of such information.


Seller is Ístex hf., security number 561091-1109

Buyer is the person registered as buyer on bill.

Orders are binding when it has been registered on the server of the seller. That happens when buyer has confirmed order. Buyer then gets a confirmation of the purchase when the order has been registered. Buyer is directed to get familiar with the purchase order confirmation when it arrives. It should be verified that it is consistency in the order. Seller is also bound to supplying the order to the buyer if it is consistent with the product selection and pricing. All orders which are suspected of trickery or/and where software malfunction has effect are withdrawn. Buyer has the right to cancel purchase within a reasonable timeframe from the time when he has knowledge about the delivery. According to article 23 in the consumer law.

After purchase and payment has been confirmed the pattern can be printed within 3 days.

Seller provides information about the product to their best knowledge each time. Seller publishes all information with notice of malfunction, viruses, print-, publishing- and typos in text, prices and pictures.

Lopidesign.is reserves the right to change prices without notice. Errors in price can happen accidentally and are not binding and we reserve the right to change prices without any explanation. Price increase and price decrease that happen after purchase buyer are not refundable. The price applies when order was made and is shown on purchase confirmation. Prices are in ISK and USD.

Payments are accepted with; VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. Orders are not confirmed until payment has been finalized.

Liability of seller does not include limitation of right which are presented in consumer laws.

Privacy protection
All personal information which the seller receives are confidential and are only applied to finalize transaction. Personal information is stored in the server of www.lopidesign.is and are only accessed by the owner of the web. Under no circumstance are personal information given to a third party. With purchase of product or service on www.lopidesign.is agrees buyer that the company collects and works on personal information from the server of the company. Lopidesign.is will not under any circumstance store any credit card information from the buyer, buyer goes automatically into a secure purchase gateway Borgun to finalize the purchase. Your account and use on www.lopidesign.is are confined by the policy and requirements that appear here.

Resolving ambiguities
Always should all problems be solved in the simplest manner. If that is not possible should the problem be given to Neytendasamtökin.

Service and information
If you have any question about the content of the website you are welcome to contact us at lopidesign@lopidesign.is and questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions should be interpreted in accordance with Icelandic law. In the event of a dispute or if any person consider that he has a claim against Ístex based on terms and conditions, such dispute or claim will be referred to the Icelandic courts for consideration.

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